Monday, August 12, 2013

TOP HEADLINES - August 12, 2013

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2003 BMW K1200LT

Child taken from marijuana using
parents, murdered in foster care

Ron Paul Channel launching soon

News York Times reporter James Risen's risk of
prison, means Obama is criminalizing journalism

19 very disturbing facts about illegal
immigration that every American should know

The Obama administration’s war on the Constitution
Hiding the 5000lb Benghazi elephant
Kimber 1911 - Gold Match II
Gun sales rise and gun crime plummets
Sicko perverts on Texas police force conduct unconstitutional warrantless cavity searches on the side of freeways

U.S. Drones Kill More Than 30 in Yemen; School Targeted in One Attack
Bloodthirsty Obama ravages Yemen with drones -
Targets grade school and murders 8-year old girl
Obamacare: 21 new or higher taxes

Mass slaughter continues.
Washington bears full responsibility.
Syria's being ravaged and destroyed.
Tens of thousands died.

78 children are missing from the Oklahoma Child Protective
Services. They claim they're runaways, but considering past
behaviors nationwide is it so outrageous to think they might have been sold to prostitution rings or tortured and abused in snuff films?

Official: Embassy attack threat had no basis in fact - Terror
plot manufactured to dampen opposition to drone strikes

IRS refuses to answer Congressman on AR-15's
for 'standoff capability' - Do they need a SWAT
team to make sure you’ve paid your taxes?

I'm from the government and I'm here to help -
13 most evil U.S. government experiments on humans

And in our "Welcome To The World Of Obama" column:

The psycho out-of-control Long Beach cops who
murdered Doug Zerby for holding a water hose nozzle,
have been found negligent, committing battery, and violating
his civil rights. Family has been award $6.5 million

Artist Of The Day
Alice Cooper Band - Public Animal #9
Released June 1972 on the LP School's Out

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