Friday, December 13, 2013

TOP HEADLINES - December 13, 2013

Protesters in Kiev, Ukraine pull down
statue of Obama’s hero, Vladimir Lenin

Obama's FBI can spy on you via your computer
webcam, without you even knowing it

Obama supporters must be so proud:
Obama targets wedding in Yemen with his drones.
Murders 14 innocent people

Obamacare rollout as planned:
You can’t keep your plan if you like it, you
can’t keep your doctor if you like him and
you can’t keep your hospital if you like it.

Obama's reign of terror - state by state, home by home
The end of private property in the era of the American police state

You are no longer a citizen of a Constitutional Republic. You are now a subject under Obama's tyrannical rule as his latest spy rocket carries with it his U.S. intelligence
seal of an octopus strangling the world with the motto, "nothing is beyond our reach"

Police sick of being used as pawns to further
tyrannical global governance, join in unity with
protesters in Italy
against criminal government

War against Christianity
They hate Jesus and anyone who loves him

Christians are being tortured to death
by Obama-backed al-Qaeda terrorists

Why republicrat globalists John Boehner
and Paul Ryan should immediately resign

South Carolina is leading the charge
to nullify Obama's Tyrannycare

Obama and his warmonger buddies
scramble to cover up Syria false flag revelations

Obama screws taxpayers out of another $10.5 billion

DC con-artists betray all of America with latest "budget" deal

Obama's fascist buddies in Congress rushing to
approve 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

How bad is the Republican Party?
The GOP has 232 House seats.
Only 14 Republicans voted NO on both NDAA and the budget bill.
This means that 218 or 94% of Republican reps are worthless warmongering fascists.

I applaud the 14 Republicans who voted NO on the budget bill and NDAA.

Amash, Duncan (SC), Duncan (TN), Gohmert, Jones, Labrador, Lummis, Massie, McClintock, Posey, Rohrabacher, Salman, Sanford and Stockman

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Psycho out-of-control cop in Texas murders
unarmed student after sarcastic remark

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